Mosquitos please stop

First thing to do in Austin is establish the friend group that will be perfectly fine with lounging around my living roomplaying video games and eating and doing this all in our underwear without any sexual tension


Alexander McQueen 1998.


Alexander McQueen 1998.

Tire blew out on the way to work today.

I also didn’t have a phone.

I also had recently moved my carjack to the family minivan this past weekend when I was moving my stuff up to Austin.

Luckily this cowboy-type guy with a huge pickup truck stopped by the shoulder of the highway to help me out. He didn’t have the proper jack for a sedan, so we used this huge poetry book I always kept in the back of my car as a makeshift ramp for the car to rest on so that we could fit the jack underneath. Managed to change the tire and was only 30 minutes late to work. Boss wasn’t even mad.

Everything’s comin’ up

Do any of you guys play Bravely Default and would you like to become friends

Patrick Dempsey needs to stop doing that thing with his face

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Man I was trying to take advantage of that buy 1 get 1 free deal at Best Buy but apparently all those games are sold out in the state of Texas what the fuck


Your massiveness has failed me


33°53’31.0”N 84°15’34.5”W, 37°36’48.2”N 122°23’42.2”W, 52°30’40.9”N 1°51’54.5”W

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life advice to boys everywhere

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I’ve been phoneless for more than a week now and I gotta say it’s pretty nice